Enriching the Social and Civic Fabric of Grafton and Environs

Yesod Foundation, Inc.
116 Brigham Hill Road
North Grafton, MA 01536

The Work of the Yesod Foundation, Inc.

The Yesod Foundation, Inc. is a small family foundation focused on hunger relief, open space preservation and fostering civic and community engagement, primarily in Grafton, Massachusetts and Worcester County, Massachusetts.

The foundation provides grants to organizations that serve and further these charitable purposes, including through the support of Community Harvest Project's operation of the Brigham Hill Community Barn, a community center in Grafton. The barn acts as the headquarters for Community Harvest Project and the Grafton Land Trust, and provides meeting and event space for over forty other community and governmental organizations annually.

Grant Applications

Please note that, due to limited resources, grant distributions are now principally made to organizations who have been previous recipients. Inquiries may be made via our contact form.

Financial Information

A copy of our most recent tax return may be downloaded here.

Yesod Foundation, Inc.